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Monday, 14 August 2017

अभी जो टेंडर लिए गये है
अभी जो टेंडर लिए गये है
1. Hotels
2.  Hospitals
3.  Schools
4.  Homes
5.  Collages
6.  Universities
7.  Corporate companies
8.  Malls
9.  Gardens

जो टेंडर उनका विवरण 

                                   GOVERNMENT OF INDIA TANDER  

                                    Geetanjali  University

                                         ANANTA CHARITABLE

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Profile Company

M.D  = Mr.Jaswant Nagda 
Nagda HouseKeeping Service,
17.A Vidhya nagar,Hiran Magri.
Sce.4. Udaipur,
 Pin Code=313001

Dear Customers
All Type House Keeping Services
Glass cleaning and man power services.

We Deal Service at you.
 1. Hotels
2.  Hospitals
3.  Schools
4.  Homes
5.  Collages
6.  Universities
7.  Corporate companies
8.  Malls
9.  Gardens

Housekeeping Services :
  1. Water Tank Cleaning Services
  2. Cleaning Services
  3. Car Cleaning Services
  4. Corporate Cleaning Services For Carpet
  5. Housekeeping Services For Commercial Spaces
  6. Hospitality ward boy and housekeeping man power
  7. Housekeeping Services For Industry
  8. Housekeeping Services For Commercial
  9. Sewage Cleaning Services
  10. Cleaning Services For Commercial
  11. Office Chair Cleaning Services
  12. Placement Services For Housekeeping Services (For Employers)
  13. Deep Cleaning Services
  14. Cleaning Services For Glass Building
  15. Eco Friendly Housekeeping Services
  16. Housekeeping Services For Hospital
  17. Car Interior Cleaning AMC
  18. Housekeeping Services For Guest House
  19. Office Housekeeping Services and man power
  20. Bank Housekeeping Services
  21. Housekeeping Services For Residential
  22. Chair Cleaning Services
  23. Floor Cleaning Services
  24. Furniture Cleaning Services
  25. Carpet Cleaning Services
  26. Cleaning Services For Building
  27. Window Glass Cleaning Services
  28. Glass Cleaning Services
  29. Marble Cleaning Services
  30. Facility Management Services
  31. Housekeeping Facility Management Services
  32. Cleaning Services For Underground Water Tank
  33. Toilet Cleaning Services
  34. Office Cleaning Services
  35. Swimming Pool Cleaning Services
  36. Tank Cleaning Service